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Why Choose GeorgiaSpec for your Air Conditioning Service?

GeorgiaSpec has partnered with Rheem® Central Heating & Air and HVAC Products in order to offer you a complete range of products to assure you total comfort in your home.

Products ranging from high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners to high-filtration matched media filtration solutions. GeorgiaSpec and Rheem®will offer a solution that is ideally suited to your needs.

GeorgiaSpec takes all the hassle out of finding the right contractor and will use licensed subcontractors when required.”

Ecobee3 wi-fi Thermostat

GeorgiaSpec Air Conditioning Services

The smarter wi-fi thermostat with remote sensors

For homes with more than one room®

Comfort where it matters

Ordinary thermostats read the temperature in one room (usually the hallway) which can make your favorite rooms uncomfortable. That’s why we created ecobee3. It works with remote sensors to deliver the right temperature in the rooms that matter most.

ecobee3 works with wireless remote sensors to make you more comfortable in your home while saving you money.

What’s wrong with your current thermostat?

Most thermostats are located in the hallway. Since ordinary thermostats only measure temperature in one location, the hallway is comfortable but other rooms are not.

Ecobee3 has fixed the problem

Not every room heats or cools the same. By measuring the temperature in the rooms that matter most, ecobee3 helps address hot and cold spots, keeping you comfortable. Most homes only need a few sensors, however if you’re lucky enough to live in a Chateau, rest assured we support up to 32.

Ecobee3 and remote sensors measure occupancy

The wireless remote sensors measure temperature and occupancy. By knowing which rooms are occupied, ecobee3 makes smarter heating and cooling decisions, delivering more comfort when you’re home, and savings when you’re away.

Areas Served:

Banks County | Barrow County | Forsyth County | Gwinnett County
Hall County | Jackson County
InterNACHI Certified Inspector
Certified American Home Inspector
Building Performance Institute
Certified by EPA

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